Hot Home Based Jobs. Learn 30 ways to make a full time income with your own home based business

Earn a Full Time Income With These 30 Ways of Working For Yourself


I can't believe you have all these jobs covered in one book. I contacted the bankcard company and think it's great that I can earn $100 on each merchant I switch over to their processing network. This month I will make $3800.
- Bill Tambone

Thanks for all the resources for the surveillance business. I did not realize that it is not all that hard to get into this business. I have contacted 40 PI's and 3 of them have referred customers to me.
- Mark Mangano

Joe, you did it again. I have your Loan Officer 101 package, and was so impressed with the value you provided, that I bought The Boss Eliminator as well. I don't think anyone else is providing this much experience on the net, for any price.
-Mike Amaro, Orlando, FL

There is so much stuff out there on ClickBank programs, but your stuff was the easiest to understand.
Elisa Morgan

Your forms package is awesome! I want to try to do 6 of the businesses in your book, because you have everything I need to get them going. Where do I start?
- Jessie Sanders

How did you find all those reference links? I searched for a lot of these things but never found what you have in the book.
- Bill Meuler

My wife is a pretty good cook, and used your flyers to promote her "dinners on demand" service. She got the idea from reading your section on personal chef service. She offers a variety of choices each day and has contacted local employers to get them to tell their employees about the service.
Byron Demitri

OK, I thought the tee shirt business was kind of hokey, but my kids earned over $5,000 this summer at the beach simply by following your instructions on taking group photos and putting them on tee shirts.
- Jennifer Moore

I got screwed with Internet Speedway and their pitch for their online store. I spend close to $200 with them and still got nowhere. I set up one of the free shopping cart programs you told me about, and found a supplier of organic cleaning products. Once I get a domain name set up, I'll be in business for a whopping $4.95 per month.
- Roger McDonald

Joe, I just wanted to say thanks for providing this information at such a great price. I just got your forms package and it has given me tons of new marketing ideas.
- Allen Morgan

Thank you for providing me with a way to make money as a stay at home mom. I'm generating leads for 2 merchant account companies, and will be starting the personal chef business with my kids.
- Alison Trevor

The used phone business is great. I have over 40 collection boxes out in my city and I get enough phones placed in there to net me about $25 per box. One dude got rid of a phone that paid me $25. I'm working on getting more boxes together to collect more phones.
- Robert James

Hey Joe, thanks for the tip on the bagel and pretzel business. I found an industrial park off I95 that has about 50 decent size employers. So far I'm delivering to 15 of them. I'm getting about $40 per week per location, and I can bang out the 15 places in about 2 hours. I got them on the recommended Tuesday and Friday schedule.
- Ronald Coleman


Hot Home Based Jobs Bonus Items

When you purchase Hot Home Based Jobs, you get plenty of bonus items that will make you more productive and make you more money. Here are the bonus items that you get:

Forms, Letters, Spreadsheets, Templates, Ads, Software, E-books, Flyers & More!

Unlike other books that tell you what to do but don't help you do it, with Hot Home Based Jobs, you will get a complete Forms Package that includes all the items listed below for several of the 30 jobs. With these tools, you won't have to reinvent the wheel. You get a collection of flyers, sales letters, post card templates, HTML files, spreadsheets, software and much more that will save you time and money in getting some of these jobs started. This is a HUGE collection of valuable tools! Here is what you get for these jobs (mouse over job# for job description):

  • Job #1: Compensation Agreement for Telemarketers
  • Job #2: Marketing Post Card Template, Marketing Flyer, Follow-Up Letter
  • Job #3: Marketing Post Cards, Door Hangers, Marketing Materials
  • Job #4: Door Hanger Template
  • Job #5: Door Hanger to distribute in targeted neighborhoods, Online Marketing Seminar
  • Job #6: Door Hanger to distribute to targeted neighborhoods
  • Job #7: Co-op Coupon Template, Purchase Order Form
  • Job #10: Marketing Flyer to Distribute to Area Businesses
  • Job #11: Web Page Design Tools, Image Editing Software, Software Products to Resell, Auction Templates, eBay Entrepreneur E-book
  • Job #12: Sample Marketing Flyers, JPEG Images for Your Flyers
  • Job #13: Contractor Agreement, Change Order, 12 Estimating Spreadsheets, Marketing & Sales Letters,  Door Hangers
  • Job #17: Tee-shirt Order Form
  • Job #18: 2 Fully-Working Shopping Cart Scripts
  • Job #20: Marketing/Income Analysis Flyer
  • Job # 21: Tear-Off Strip Marketing Flyer, Client Forms, Client Letters, Client Agreements, Classified Ads, Expense Log, Bid Letter
  • Job #22: Marketing Flyer, Pet-Sitting Forms and Agreements
  • Job #26: All Website HTML Files, All Items for Sale in the Business Manual Store
  • Job #28: E-mail Opt-in Sign Up Sheet, Sales Post Card Template, Canvassing Handout, Merchant Agreement, HTML Code for Lead Capture and Thank-You Page, HTML Code and Image for Online Coupon
  • Job #30: Blogging Video Tutorial, "Blogging for Fun & Profits" PDF, ClickBank Ads Genie

This collection of productivity tools will save you hours and hours of time and will get you started making money for you right away!

How to Find and Land Legitimate Telecommuting Jobs

There are companies across the country who have real job openings, sometimes with paid benefits, that you can do from home. Typically, these jobs would be for web development, programming, sales, technical writing, graphic artist, freelance proofreader, customer service, and other skilled positions. You will learn about a few excellent free resources where you can search for specific telecommuting jobs nation-wide, plus learn how to properly apply for these jobs. You will receive advice about what your email address should and should not contain, plus how to respond to these posted job requests, and how to create a cover letter and update your resume.

ClickBank Ads Genie

Convert any website that you have, including blogs or personal sites to money-making sites by using the ClickBank Ads Genie tool. This is a $47 value (see marketing page), but you get it for FREE with your purchase of Hot Home Based Jobs. This script installs quickly and easily on your web server, or we can host if for free on our server. To use the script, you will set up a free affiliate account with ClickBank, then insert your ID into the script. You can choose what type of products will appear on your blog pages. When someone makes a purchase from any of the ads from your site, you earn up to 75% commission! Try this sample link to see how the ClickBank Ads Genie works.

Beat the IRS!

My book also includes 12 legitimate ways to get tax deductions that normal employees can not get. I explain all of these to you in a way that you can understand them. Even if your business does not make money initially, you can convert many personal expenses to business expenses and deduct them from your 9-5 income. I will show you 8 ways that you can do this. If you apply these methods, you will get back more than 20 times what you are paying for this program! In fact, in the book, I show you how to convert over $4000 in former personal expenses to business expenses, legally! This will get you a refund of up to $1120 from your current taxes that you pay. This information alone is worth much more than the price of this package. As a bonus, you get my personally developed spreadsheet - Deduction Documenter. It lets you keep track of all your daily expenses for 27 tax-deductible categories, and provides you with a monthly total and year-to-date total, making it easy and accurate to file your Schedule C when you do your taxes. This tool also lets you document the date and purpose for business meals and mileage, plus automatically calculates your mileage deduction as you enter your miles. This tool alone is worth more than the price of Hot Home Based Jobs!

Resource Links

In Hot Home Based Jobs, you will find over 200 links to useful sites that will help you learn more about these jobs or provide you with the resources you need to run these businesses. Most of the resources are totally free, including nine that teach you how to become a search engine expert. As long as you are online while you are reading the PDF, you can simply click on any of the links and be taken right to the particular website. This collection of reference sites include several years' worth of experience in the various industries, and took weeks to compile. You will save hours and hours of time in becoming productive in the jobs you choose to get involved in.

Free Office Suite & Desktop Publisher

If you are going to be in business, you need all the tools you can get. I will show you where to download, totally free, a complete Microsoft Office-compatible office suite and desktop publisher. Here is what you get with this package:

  • Full-featured word processor (Word compatible)
  • Sophisticated spreadsheet (Excel-compatible)
  • Multimedia presentation creator with drawing tools (Power Point compatible)
  • Graphics package
  • Easy-to-use database (Access compatible)
  • Professional desktop publisher

If you do not have the Microsoft Office package, this package will give you all the features you need to create powerful documents, spreadsheets, presentations, flyers, ads and more. This package is totally compliant with Microsoft Office products, so files you create with it can be opened by others. Truly a valuable software package.

Dozens of FREE E-Books

If you are looking for ideas of products to sell or write about, or just want to increase your own knowledge, you will be able to download dozens of free e-books on a variety of topics. I will tell you exactly where to go to find these resources.

Get VIP Access to Valuable Internet Marketing Products

If you are into internet marketing or you want to get into internet marketing, then you will truly benefit by getting access to a continuous stream of internet marketing tools, for free! When you purchase Hot Home Based Jobs, you can register to join the VIP club for free and each time I release a new product, you will get it. These tools let you make money in areas like Facebook fan pages, Wordpress plugins, automatic affiliate sites for Amazon and ClickBank, how to profit using Cost Per Action (CPA) programs, and much more. You can see some of these items by clicking on the VIP Products section of my blog.

Search Engine Optimization Course

If you want to master the search engines and have your websites ranked high, you will want to study this search engine optimization course. It consists of 17 lessons and runs about 60 pages. In it, you will learn:

  • How to find related keywords using free resources
  • How to take advantage of Google's Page Rank to increase your visibility
  • How to analyze your competition's web sites
  • How to get your website indexed in just 24 hours
  • The difference between on-page and off-page optimization
  • How Google determines top-ranked pages
  • How to keep your website from getting banned by Google
  • Understanding "keyword density"
  • How writing press releases can dramatically increase your page rank
  • Tips for writing an effective press release
  • How to escape from the "Google Sandbox"
  • How to get the most links to your website in the least amount of time
  • How to optimize your site for Yahoo and MSN
  • How a blog can boost your page rankings
  • Tips on maintaining a high-conversion site layout
  • How to convert dynamic pages to get them indexed by the search engines

If you study and use the material in this bonus, you will have a website that make you plenty of money, each and every month!

Purchase Hot Home Based Jobs Today

You will get all these bonus items when you purchase Hot Home Based Jobs for just $29. I am so certain that you will find this package to be well worth the price that I will provide you with a full 14-day money back guarantee. If you can honestly say that you have not learned anything that can help you create either a full or part time income, just write me a note and tell me why. I will gladly refund your $29 and wish you well. I have successfully served over 6,345 other customers who have purchased my Find and Assign package and Loan Officer 101 package. In Hot Home Based Jobs, I provide you with the same level of quality and resources that I provide in my other training packages.

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