Earn a Full Time Income With These 30 Ways of Working For Yourself

Earn extra income by selling products and information on eBay.
Telemarketing Broker

Bankcard Account Rep

Digital Video Surveillance System Sales

DISH Network Satellite TV Systems Representative

Mortgage Loan Officer

Home Alarm System Sales

Ad Flyer Broker & Co-op Coupon Distributor

Get Paid to Take Surveys and Read E-Mail

ClickBank Affiliate & Internet Marketing

PC Spy-Ware Removal Service

Sell on eBay

Personal Chef Service

Handyman Service

Plant Leasing and Maintenance

Real Estate Entrepreneur

Discount Note Broker

Tee-Shirt Transfer Picture Taker

Recycle Used Toner Cartridges

Trash to Cash

Get Paid to Place Free ATM Machines

Automotive Detailing Business

Pet Sitting Business

Collect Used Cell Phones

Senior Care

Used Computer Sales

Information Sales

Cash in Your Mailbox

E-Mail Marketing Service

Corporate Soft Pretzel & Bagel Delivery Service

Blogging for Bucks - Includes ClickBank Ads Genie ($47 Value)

Home Based Customer Service Rep

Sell on eBay

eBay offers anyone the opportunity to make a part time or full time income by either selling collectables or new products to the worlds' largest online market. Many power sellers do nothing other than create automated listings for the unique products they sell. You will learn how you can earn a full time income by becoming an expert eBay seller.

Sell Products You Don't Even Have!

One myth of selling on eBay is that you have to have an attic full of stuff to sell, or that you have to purchase all your inventory ahead of time to have it to sell. This is not the case. You can sell items that you can get from wholesale sellers who will even drop-ship the products to your customers. All you do is use eBay's online tools to see what is "hot" and what is "not", then pick products from the wholesalers' online catalogues to see what you want to promote. You can also find out what is a hot selling item, then go to all your local flea markets and swap meets to find these products CHEAP! Last year, I got 11 Frank Sinatra albums and 9 Barbara Streisand albums for a total of $20, then sold them for $253. I also bought a bunch of WW2 documentary videos for a quarter each and resold them to a collector for $50. My total investment in the videos was $2.25. I have done this over and over with inexpensive collectables. You can also sell digital goods, including dozens of products you get with your package. Your profit is 100% on all these items!

Get Plenty of Inside eBay Secrets

In this chapter of Hot Home Based Jobs, you will learn how to become a successful eBay seller by learning the following:

  • What to Sell on eBay and Where to Get Items Wholesale With Drop-Shipping
  • When is the Best Time to List Your Items on eBay?
  • Handling Refunds
  • How Do People Get Free Shipping Supplies?
  • How To Get The Highest Prices For Your Items on eBay
  • How to Take Photos that Sell
  • How to Avoid Driving Customers Away

Plus, you get links to tremendous eBay resources that will educate you and make you a successful eBay seller.

Includes Productivity Bonus Tools

To help you create professional-looking marketing sites for your products, I have including the following tools for you:

Web-Page-O-Matic. This is a web page design tool that you can use to make your eBay web pages.
Image Editing Software. There is a collection of image editing software tools that you can use to work with your pictures.
Auction-O-Matic. This is a $35 package that you get for free. Here is what it can do for you:

  • Automatically generates all the HTML and JavaScript coding by itself!
  • Automatically displays up to 6 regular photos, which you have uploaded to the Internet.
  • Automatically creates interactive pop up windows for 6 more 'super-size' photos you have uploaded to the Internet.
  • Automatically aligns and frames your logo's and photo's to make them stand out.
  • Automatically "copies" all of the code generated to your computers clip board so all you need to do is "paste" the code into eBay™
  • Automatically allows to you to preview your finished advert before submission in a browser window so you can check everything looks just right.

Purchase Hot Home Based Jobs Today!

You can learn how to profit by selling on eBay, and in all 30 of these jobs and get all the bonus items offered for just $29. This includes bonus items that are well worth many times more than this price. I am so certain that you will find this package to be well worth the price that I will provide you with a full 14-day money back guarantee. If you can honestly say that you have not learned anything that can help you create either a full or part time income, just write me a note and tell me why. I will gladly refund your $29 and wish you well. I have successfully served over 6,345 other customers who have purchased my Find and Assign package and Loan Officer 101 package. In Hot Home Based Jobs, I provide you with the same level of quality and resources that I provide in my other training packages. Purchase Hot Home Based Jobs today!

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