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Find and Assign: How to Make Fast Cash in Real Estate Without Cash, Credit or Risk
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Bankcard Account Rep

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DISH Network Satellite TV Systems Representative

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Real Estate Entrepreneur

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Pet Sitting Business

Collect Used Cell Phones

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Information Sales

Cash in Your Mailbox

E-Mail Marketing Service

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Blogging for Bucks - Includes ClickBank Ads Genie ($47 Value)

Home Based Customer Service Rep

Real Estate Entrepreneur

If you want to profit in real estate without taking title to property, you can make profits of up to $5,000 simply by finding ugly properties or distressed properties, putting an offer on the property, then assigning the contract to another investor. The best part about this business is that you can do it without cash, credit or risk! In this chapter, you will get a complete summary of the material I teach at Find and Assign. Over 3,437 real estate entrepreneurs have purchased this $29 package and many have gone on to making good money simply by assigning property contracts.

Why Use the Find and Assign Method?

If you click on Find and Assign, you can read all about the typical ways to make money in real estate. Using the Find and Assign approach, you will learn how to achieve success in real estate without the typical downfalls:

  • No Repair Headaches: You will not be involved in the rehab of the home, thus you do not have to worry about monitoring your contractor, dealing with cost overruns or getting permits and inspections done.
  • No Tenants: You will not have to be a landlord, dealing with all the problems and headaches that many landlords have, like late rent, evictions, possible negative cash flow, maintenance, and so on.
  • No Holding Costs: You will have no payments to make, no property taxes to pay and no insurance to obtain.
  • Ready Market of Sellers and Buyers: Using the techniques in this package, you will learn about 16 ways to find motivated sellers, and 7 ways to find eager buyers who will purchase your contract or option from you. Plus, I tell you why these buyers will pay you to find a property for them!
  • Fast Profits: You can make your first $5000 in less than 30 days.  

Learn the Program with 6 Chapter Summaries

I want you to get started making offers on properties by next week. In my book, you will learn how to get started. You will get a summary of the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1. Ways to Make Money in Real Estate
  • Chapter 2. Getting Your Ducks in Order
  • Chapter 3. Finding Motivated Sellers
  • Chapter 4. Analyzing a Deal and Making an Offer
  • Chapter 5. Preparing a Property Overview Package
  • Chapter 6. Finding Buyers for Your Contracts

No Real Estate Investment Experience Needed

This is one business where you do not need to have real estate investing experience. All you need is the knowledge that I provide, plus the desire to want to get out there and find the properties. You will learn over 16 ways to find target properties, plus learn how to determine if the seller is motivated. You will learn what to ask property sellers, and how to evaluate the property to make sure that it has profit potential. You will learn how to set up your business structure properly, plus assemble the team you need to do this properly. To help get the property ready for potential investors, you will learn how to prepare a property overview package. To help you find potential investors to whom you will assign the contracts, you will learn 8 ways that are taught in the expensive real estate boot camps. In this chapter of Hot Home Based Jobs, you will learn what many real estate investors have paid several hundreds of dollars for, as far as the nuts and bolts of how to find properties and assign the contracts. If you read the testimonials on my Find and Assign website, you will see how much my customers have valued the information and materials that I provide.

Purchase Hot Home Based Jobs Today!

You can learn how to profit as a real estate entrepreneur, and in all 30 of these jobs and get all the bonus items offered for just $29. This includes bonus items that are well worth many times more than this price. I am so certain that you will find this package to be well worth the price that I will provide you with a full 14-day money back guarantee. If you can honestly say that you have not learned anything that can help you create either a full or part time income, just write me a note and tell me why. I will gladly refund your $29 and wish you well. I have successfully served over 6,345 other customers who have purchased my Find and Assign package and Loan Officer 101 package. In Hot Home Based Jobs, I provide you with the same level of quality and resources that I provide in my other training packages. Purchase Hot Home Based Jobs today!

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