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Become a personal chef and earn an excellent income by cooking dinners for busy families and couples.

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Personal Chef Service

If you can cook, you can really clean up as a personal chef. A personal chef prepares meals for busy two-income families where neither spouse has the time to cook, or for time-strapped singles who would appreciate a good home cooked meal. What you will be doing is planning 3 of 4 meals per day, and creating a weekly menu that you will market to your neighborhood. Some personal chefs make from between $200 and $400 per day!

Create a Variety of Meal Choices for Different Tastes

Each day, you will create two or three different main courses, including, meat, chicken, poultry, seafood and vegetarian dishes. You will want to have a few good cookbooks so you can create food that satisfies the taste buds of your customers. Also consider having a salad available to go with the dinner. You want to keep your customers for a long time, and the only way to do that will be to keep a variety of choices of food. You will prepare the food in batches, then put the food in Styrofoam containers to keep it hot. You will need a vehicle that can be set up to hold all your clients' food containers without spilling, so you may want to have a van in which you install or create shelves with a front that can be closed.

Market to Your Prospects & Customers Daily

The best way to generate business is to used the flyers that are included with your package, and deliver them to all targeted homes in your neighborhood. If you want to create your own flyers, I have included some useful images that you can include in your flyers. You can also post daily messages and sample menu items on your local CraigsList.org site. Go to the website, select your state or city, and post your message. It is free, and you can specify the area you serve in your ad. This is a great way to get plenty of free advertising. Once you have people calling you, be sure to get their work and home email addresses. the best way to inexpensively continue to market to them is to set up an autoresponder program at MyCustomerList.com. You can create a daily menu and then broadcast email it to everyone on your list. The more your prospects see your offerings, the better the chance they will call you to have you deliver a dinner for them. When sending out your messages, be sure to mention that if they want you to deliver a dinner, they need to put their request in by a certain cut-off time, so you will know how much of each food choice you need to make. This is why you want to make sure you get your prospective clients' work email addresses. You want to make sure you reach them during the day while they may be thinking what they want for dinner.

To help give you some additional ideas on how to run this business, you will be given some excellent reference sites of others who are currently running this type of business.

20 Daily Clients Pays You $600 Per Week

When pricing your service, you want to figure out your cost for the food and the energy needed to cook the meals, plus factor in the cost of the containers. You can purchase Styrofoam containers in bulk from places like Sam's Club or Costco, or other wholesale clubs. Or, you can purchase these items online. When buying food, you also want to buy in bulk. You can do this at the wholesale clubs. You can get meat, poultry and fish at wholesale prices by going to a butcher. Ideally, you want to keep your food costs to about $3 per meal, and then add on $6, thus giving a target price of less than $10 per person for a meal. If you keep your market to your area, you can easily cook and deliver 20 meals per day, with a total time involved of less than 3 hours per day. With 20 daily customers, your daily profit would be $120, or $40 per hour.

To generate referral clients, offer a 50% discount for each new referral that one of your customers brings you. Word of mouth will help your business grow without increasing your marketing expenses.

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