Earn a Full Time Income With These 30 Ways of Working For Yourself

Earn $1,000 per week by creating co-operative advertising flyers and coupon sheets for local service businesses and retailers.

Telemarketing Broker

Bankcard Account Rep

Digital Video Surveillance System Sales

DISH Network Satellite TV Systems Representative

Mortgage Loan Officer

Home Alarm System Sales

Ad Flyer Broker & Co-op Coupon Distributor

Get Paid to Take Surveys and Read E-Mail

ClickBank Affiliate & Internet Marketing

PC Spy-Ware Removal Service

Sell on eBay

Personal Chef Service

Handyman Service

Plant Leasing and Maintenance

Real Estate Entrepreneur

Discount Note Broker

Tee-Shirt Transfer Picture Taker

Recycle Used Toner Cartridges

Trash to Cash

Get Paid to Place Free ATM Machines

Automotive Detailing Business

Pet Sitting Business

Collect Used Cell Phones

Senior Care

Used Computer Sales

Information Sales

Cash in Your Mailbox

E-Mail Marketing Service

Corporate Soft Pretzel & Bagel Delivery Service

Blogging for Bucks - Includes ClickBank Ads Genie ($47 Value)

Home Based Customer Service Rep

Ad Flyer Broker & Co-op Coupon Distributor

As an ad flyer broker, you will be contacting area service businesses, such as Realtors, Mortgage Brokers,  Carper Cleaning, Driveway Repair, Landscapers, Pizza Shops, Auto Repair, Exterminators, Contractors, Handymen, Plumbers, Deck Builders and others and offer them a quarter-page ad in a flyer that you will have distributed to 1000 or more homes in your area. These types of businesses prefer to stay in their local area, and thus would be very interested in your flier service. You will see how to price your service to earn over $250 for each 1000 fliers delivered.

No Upfront Expense to Get Started

The best way to start generating clients is to get on the phone and call them. I will show you were to find your prospective clients, and what to say when you call them. If you are afraid to cold-call businesses, then this is not the way you will want to start, bit it is indeed the way that really does not cost you anything. You will be explaining to the business owner or agent how you will be able to help them generate new prospects for not much money. If you wish, you can create a follow up letter that explains what you will be doing and can perhaps include a sample flyer that you can send out. Simply keep in touch with your prospects and sooner or later they may be interested in your service.

Create a Co-op Coupon Program for Even Bigger Profits

You can take the ad flier one step further by creating a co-op coupon sheet. This is a page that has up to 10 individual coupons on it, each for a different business. These types of businesses include ones like Pizza places, Ice cream shops, Delis, Sandwich shops, Hair salons, Massage centers, Dollar stores, Liquor stores, Beer distributors, Computer stores, Video stores, Convenience stores and other similar retail outlets. You will offer to create a coupon for them similar to the following:

Each coupon will offer either a discount for an item or a free item with the purchase of another item. You will put together 10 of these on a sheet of paper, using either Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Word. You will charge an average of $59 per 1000 sheets produced. After expenses, you will net about $540. Once you have the orders, you will simply get the flyers printed at any office supply store, then divide them up among the businesses on the sheet, and have them carry the stack of co-op coupon sheets for their customers or visitors to pick up. There is no individual delivery for you to do, so this is a very easy business to do.

Master Template and Customer Order Form Included

In your Forms Package, you will get a Publisher template that lets you create your co-op coupon sheet instantly. You also get an order form that you can edit in Word and use to take the information you need to create your co-op coupon sheets. This is a turn-key package that you get to make this a very easy business to run.

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