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Earn a Full Time Income With These 31 Ways of Working For Yourself

Hot Home Based Jobs. Learn 30 ways to earn a full time or part time income with these online and offline ventures.
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There are plenty of money-making scams being promoted on the internet. They all sound so good. They all promise you lots of money without having to do any work. But, often, the only ones who make the money are those who are promoting the program!

I will expose some of these scams to you over the next few months. I will also send you your bonus info - a large list of companies that hire you to work from home and actually get paid a salary!

I will also give you a FREE detailed blueprint on how to create mini-affiliate sites that can make you a lot of cash. This is a $39 value, but it is yours free. Learn more here.

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Make Money Working From Home

Looking to work for yourself? Do you want legitimate ways to make money online or offline? Are you tired of working for your current boss? Do you want to create a real job for yourself, one where YOU are the boss?  For only two minutes of your time, I am going to teach you how to.....

Start 31 Businesses of Your Own With Little Or No Cash!

Work at home programs are a crap-shoot. Everyone promises that you will be rich and make thousands of dollars a week by doing things like filling out forms, stuffing envelopes, selling online, assembling products and so on. However, no one tells you the truth. There are NO companies out there that will pay you a salary to do things like data entry, filling out forms, stuffing envelopes and so on. All they want is your money! Plus, one you pay their "registration fee", you then find out that you need to spend hundreds of dollars before you even make a dime!

I am going to teach you 31 ways (I added a new one since I made this site) that you can make money on your own, both online and offline. Some of these jobs are true sales or marketing jobs with established nationwide companies who are looking for sales reps. Some of these jobs are true e-commerce opportunities where you can make money selling other peoples' products, or even your own. Some of these jobs are personal service jobs where you can use your skills or talents to provide services that are needed in your community. Some of these jobs pay you residual income, where you do the work once, and keep getting paid for months or even years down the road. One of these jobs pays you simply for collecting old cell phones, and another for collecting empty toner cartridges. One of these jobs lets you get $5 bills in your mail box or PayPal account, while another lets you earn $200 a day just by referring others to participate in free product or service trials. This is the most diverse collection of jobs and home based businesses that you will ever find in one place!

Marketing Tools & Internet Marketing Solutions Included

To help you actually get going with these hot home based jobs, I have included a valuable "Forms Package", which is a collection of ads, flyers, sales letters, spreadsheets, post cards, door hangers, software, order forms, HTML code, agreements, and other tools that you will need to market many of these businesses. I even include a lead capture page that you can use for one of the jobs. I also show you how to market online and offline. If you are going to market online, you will learn many of the techniques and tools that are taught in e-books that cost $49 and up! Currently, I work with a couple search engine marketing experts for a major advertising agency, and you will learn what major corporate and government clients are spending thousands of dollars to get from this agency in search engine optimization (SEO)!

Get Started Right Now for FREE (No Purchase Required!)

To show you that I have your best interest at heart, I want to tell you about one home based job that you can do right now. If you have the ability to canvass local retail businesses and hand out a flier, or call them on the phone and offer to email them some information on how they can attract new customers and keep their existing customers coming back without spending a lot of money, you can earn a lot of money as an account rep for the Discount Offer Club. This is a brand new program as of May, 2011, and you will be getting in on the ground floor, earning a 25% residual on revenue generated from your merchants. For them, there is no sign up fee and no commitment. 

On the Discount Offer Club site, you need to click on the "Become an Account Rep" link at the bottom of the page. Then, you can watch a short presentation that shows you how this service works. There is no sign up fee for you to register. You will learn about the different marketing materials that you will get with this easy to do home based job.

Check Out The 31 Hot Jobs To Learn How to Make Money

If you click on The 31 Jobs link you will learn which of the other 31 ways to make money are for you. Not all of them will be, but I assure you that you will find more than one honest way to make money. I have made a full time income in several of these jobs, and have made as much as $30,000 per year part-time running some of these other jobs. I think you will be amazed at the amount of material that you are going to receive for your $29.  Hot Home Based Jobs is not some e-book that promises that you will get rich quick or by sitting around the house doing nothing. It will tell you specifically how I and others have been able to support a family with honest-to-goodness work. Please visit the rest of this site, then purchase Hot Home Based Jobs today!

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